• Create a unique gift using your own photographs
  • Choose if you’d like your gift in colour or black & white
  • Select your frame colour and size
  • Add your own message to make it extra personal

If you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for have a browse through the categories for ideas of different options. Once you find the required category you can select all your preferences, starting with your Title.  For any titles different to options supplied please choose an option using the same amount of letters. You can then specify your own title in the notes*!

Next you choose the Size. Some long titles may not suit or fit the smaller frames, the samples provided will help guide you on what works best. Each sample has reference to its frame size! Please see our handy Frame Size Guide to give you a better idea of the measurements.

Photos can be in colour, black & white or mixed.  All Photos are edited & enhanced to their best possible quality. Any photos that are very low quality I will let you know.

Then choose your Personal Quote. We have provided some quotes in the preference list or you can check out more in our Inspirational Quotes.  Alternatively if you have your own please use that & add any special dates/places, song lyrics, or anything that is meaningful to you.

Different Font styles are used to suit each project accordingly.  In a few categories there is an option for you to select Font style of choice…if you wish!  Otherwise please select, whatever works best!  Each sample in those sections has reference to the Font used & you can also check out our Font Samples if you’re unsure.

Finally choose Frame Colour.  White or black. There is some other options for A4 size. (if you have a different requirement let me know & I will see what I can do!)

Don’t forget to check out our Extra Special page for more larger options. They will suit most any title/design which requires more space, more than one word or if you simply want big! All Frames larger than the 23x50cm are for collection only!  You can order a design & print only if you have your own frame!

At the moment, all orders that require shipping please let me know & I will send separate invoice. Registered or express P&P in Ireland is €16 for the A3 or 23x50cm. For any further details you can  contact me

Any ideas or special requests please let me know… Specialised posters, characters, logos, symbols can all be designed & adapted to your specification.  Please contact me so we can discuss different options!

Remember… If you don’t see what your looking for… Please ASK!  I am delighted to help design your perfect Token gift!  If you have an Idea, we will create a solution!

Please see the contact page for more Helpful Tips…