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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

In general it takes about 5 -14 days from the time the order goes through to full completion. Often different amounts of time/work are required depending on the order, the amount of photos & any additional details that may be involved.
Longer waiting times will be addressed & especially around the holidays so get orders in early! All Projects are dealt with in the order received. Urgent deadlines or dates for orders must be brought to my attention upon ordering. I will always do my very best to ensure your deadline is met!

Every project/design requires a number of photos (please do not send more than max amounts as guided. LESS than the required amount can be supplied if that is all you want to use or that you have!)

Physical photos Please Scan & email. If you do not have a scanner you can take a good picture of each photo with phone or camera.(only if it is clear) Please ensure flash is off & both the photo & camera are straight so that proportions are correct. (blurriness & distortions can not be edited). I also accept a memory stick with chosen files only. If you are unable to scan or photograph the photos I do offer to scan the chosen photos at a further charge.

Large group photos will be split into 2-3 photos to fit areas. Otherwise the photo would be too small to fit. So when/if supplying a group photo, Keep in mind they equal about 2 to 3 photos, not one! Tip: Avoid large groups if possible

Online photos When uploading images from phone / facebook please always save down original/actual photo & re-upload (not a screenshot). This will lessen the quality & size it may not be usable. Taking photos of images on screens/computers will have pixelations so always avoid this. Try to get the best possible quality photographs possible!

Every single photo provided is enhanced (to its best possible standard).
Edited, I.E. Brightened/darken, color control, softened/sharpened, contrast etc where its needed. All photos are converted to CMYK or Greyscale with all required attributes for best quality printed results. Specific cropping of people or any other details must be brought to my attention when send the photos. Remember, If photo quality is low, Pixelated / blurry etc. it will not be used! So when choosing photos, if you notice any, please leave them out as they will only have a negative affect on the finished piece.

In most instances the font style used in the samples is what works best & is used as default!

Depending on the Name/word/project different font styles suit better than others. I choose what works best and ensure it fits the required frame size.

Where there is an option for choice you may chose your preference or allow me to use what works best!

If you have a style request (where there isn't an option available) you may include this in the notes & I will try to accommodate you the best I can. I will send a layout/mock-up of the suitable options for you to chose before I begin!

Some fonts used for Special projects such as our "Circus" option can incur further costs for researching fonts & manipulating them!

Please see Font style guide for (references & available options)

The most commonly used frames are the Black/ white/ & light oak. In the event you require another colour let me know & I will see what I can do!

For all larger projects & "Extra Special" orders, these gifts are too large for shipping & are for collection only, however there will be an option to order print only which would then be shipped in a tube. I can guide you in selecting a suitable frame if needed!
If you have your own frame that you wish to use, you may supply the measurements & I can set design to scale. I will quote accordingly for any design and print only options.

Any ideas or special requests can most certainly be created. Anything with characters, logos, symbols can all be created /designed &/or adapted to best meet your specification. Let's chat & I will work with you to get your own special design!

Online via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, you can pay with your credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover) all without having a PayPal account. Please note: Laser not accepted.

Yes! Wherever it is you are buying from, the total amount will be taken in your currency so please check the total conversion on google's currency converter!

Yes of course! If you would like to order a few of the same designed prints then you will be charged a smaller amount for
re-print & Frame only.

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